City of Renton Budget

In this section we present budget information organized by City Service Areas Safety & Health, Representative Government, Livable Community, Mobility, Utilities and Environment and our Internal Support services.  Within each of these you will find budget information for the programs operated by department, and each division within that department. 


Please note that the Operating Budget is based on the adopted budget for 2015-16 biennium.  The Capital Budget information represented here are in fact not a current budget but instead provide the life-to-date expenditures of a select few City Projects - some of which have been underway for several years.  Because many projects are funded by grants and cross over multiple budget cycles, the current budget found in the biennial budget is not necessarily representative of the scope of the project. 


The complete (Operating and Capital) adopted budget for 2015-16 with a complete listing of currently funded capital projects can be found on the City's website (click here).